How to approve or reject event entry?

You have already learned how to Enable/Disable the Approval option in WP Events Settings – Events section.

Now lets navigate to WP Dashboard > Events >Entries. All entries will appear.

Here you will see two tabs on the top of entries:

  1. Subscription
  2. Registration

By clicking on these tabs you can see subscriber or registration forms entries according to your requirements.

How to Approve or Reject Event Entry?

After selecting your desired tab to review entries, hover over the entry. There are four options:

  • Approve: Click on approve to confirm entry approval.
  • Cancel: Used for cancellation or reject entry.
  • Trash: Used for deleting entries.
  • View: It redirects to the view entry page where you will see all details about the entry and the option to edit those details.

Users will receive another email informing them about the approval or cancellation of entry.

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