Simple WP Events Settings – Display


All the Display settings are available under this tab

  1. Enable Dark Mode: Enable this checkbox, if you want the dark mode on your website.
  2. Disable Archive Page: This is a default event listing page coming from the plugin. If you have already created an event page on your website then disable this and use a shortcode in your webpage to display events.
  3. Full-Width Archive Page: Enable this toggle button to hide the sidebar and keep the archive page’s width full.
  4. Archive Page Title: Enter your page title here. Make sure it should include a keyword in the title tag.
  5. No. of Events To Display per Page: You can set no. of events to be displayed on each page from here. E.g. 5 or 7 or more events per page
  6. Select Image To Display On Archive Page: You can add an image here to display that on the archive page.
  7. Enable/Disable Registration Button: Disable this checkbox to remove the register/submit button from forms. You can still visit a single event page by clicking on the event title.
  8. Enable Event Views: From here, you can choose the structure type of your archive page. The options that you have are:
    • List: It will display the published events vertically which makes it easy for scanning.
    • Grid: This option will display the published events in a two-dimensional layout for visual content, arranged in rows and columns.
    • Calendar: It will display the published events in a date-based view for scheduling and time-specific information.
  9. Default Events View: You can set the priority of the structure type of your archive page from here. This means, which structure type from List, Grid, and Calendar you want to display after loading the page.
  10. Text for Registration Button: Text to display on forms submit button.
  11. Text for Closed Registrations: Text to display in place of the registration form when registrations for the event are closed.
  12. Message for Past Events: You can enter text here to replace the registration form when the event is over.
  13. Number of Seats per Registration: You can set the maximum number of seats that a user can book in a single registration. The maximum value is 10.
  14. Events Per Row in Grid Layout: Based on your site structure, choose the grid value from here. E.g. Choosing the value 2 means to display 2 events per row ONLY.

All done! Hit the Save Changes button.

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